Yarra Vista Dog Park Jandakot

* Fenced Dog Park * Small & Large Dog Area * Double Gated * Kids Playground (Outside Dog Areas) * Water Fountains and Bowls * Seating * Agility Equipment

Yarra Vista Dog Park Jandakot is a fenced dog park with lots of natural shade and vegetation and agility equipment within the small and large dog fenced areas.


The large fenced dog area features larger agility equipment and native vegetation that provides the area with a bush type feel and setting. If you aren't keen on your dog getting a bit dirty, Yarra Vista Park may not be for you as the ground is sandy and littered with dropped leaves and branches, but is perfect if you are looking for a more natural area to let your dog play and explore.

Within both the small and large dog areas is a water fountain and dog bowl.

The small dog area is much like the large dog area on a smaller scale. It is shady and features natural vegetation, lots of natural shade, smaller agility equipment and a water fountain and bowl.

Outside the fenced dog areas is a playground. It's a little dated but the kids will love having a play while their dog has a play too. The playground is located between the large and small fenced dog areas.

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a fenced play and you  don't mind your dog getting a little dirty, Yarra Vista Dog Park is a lovely natural setting to enjoy a play and to socialise with other dogs and their owners. Winny's Cafe is located on the corner of Berrigan Drive and Dean Road if you want to grab a coffee to enjoy at the park.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 11th June 2017

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