Yarra Vista Dog Park Jandakot

* Fenced Dog Park * Small & Large Dog Area * Double Gated * Kids Playground (Outside Dog Areas) * Water Fountains and Bowls * Seating * Agility Equipment

Yarra Vista Dog Park Jandakot is a fenced dog park with lots of natural shade and vegetation and agility equipment within the small and large dog fenced areas.

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The large fenced dog area features larger agility equipment and native vegetation that provides the area with a bush type feel and setting. If you aren't keen on your dog getting a bit dirty, Yarra Vista Park may not be for you as the ground is sandy and littered with dropped leaves and branches, but is perfect if you are looking for a more natural area to let your dog play and explore.

Within both the small and large dog areas is a water fountain and dog bowl.

The small dog area is much like the large dog area on a smaller scale. It is shady and features natural vegetation, lots of natural shade, smaller agility equipment and a water fountain and bowl.

Outside the fenced dog areas is a playground. It's a little dated but the kids will love having a play while their dog has a play too. The playground is located between the large and small fenced dog areas.

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a fenced play and you  don't mind your dog getting a little dirty, Yarra Vista Dog Park is a lovely natural setting to enjoy a play and to socialise with other dogs and their owners. Winny's Cafe is located on the corner of Berrigan Drive and Dean Road if you want to grab a coffee to enjoy at the park.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 11th June 2017

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