Whitfords Dog Exercise Beach Hillarys

* Dog Exercise Beach * Toilets * Showers * Water Fountain / Dog Bowl * Mobile Dog Wash (weekends) * Mobile Coffee & Food Van (weekends and public holidays 

Whitfords Dog Exercise Beach Hillarys is perfect if you are looking for a nice beach to meet other dogs and their owners, or you want a nice long walk along the beach.  This long, sandy white beach is a popular choice for many dog owners - your dog wont want to leave.


Whitfords Dog Exercise Beach stretches along the coastline just north of Hillarys Boat Harbour and to the north of the beach is a Horse exercise area.  It's a long and wide beach so it's perfect for dogs that need a lot of room to run around, for dogs that love to socialise or if you are looking for a beach for a nice long walk or run along the beach.

Whitfords Dog Beach Hillarys is also not known for sizable waves, so it's a great beach for dogs (and owners) that love to swim too as its not too rough. Although there was a bit of seaweed there when we visited, it wasn't excessive and the water was beautiful and clear. 

The beach is located close to the large carpark, approximately a 50m walk, and has good toilet and shower facilities, as well as a drink fountain with dog water bowl near the toilet block. They have lower shower heads for your dog so it's nice to be able to wash the sand off before getting in the car - rather than bring half the beach home with you. 

On the weekends we are told there is mobile dog wash here and you can also find DD's Coffee Hut (mobile coffee and food van) set up with table and chairs so you can enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat after you trip to the beach or grab a coffee to go. We are told the coffee is just beautiful too.

Whitords Dog Exercise Beach Hillarys is your perfect coffee and beach combo on the weekends and your go to beach if you want some socialisation for your dog, a long walk along the beach or somewhere to enjoy a swim together. 

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren 26th September 2015

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