Tuart Walk Bold Park Floreat

1.1km Round Walk | On The Lead | City Views | Seating | No Bikes

Tuart Walk Bold Park is a lovely on the lead nature walk that's not too long that runs through stunning bushland and offers beautiful views of the city.


This walk trail is designated a "challenging" rating as their is a steep climb up and back down, that will get you a little out of breath, but the views at the top over the bushland and towards the city make it totally worth it.

Seating is found along the trail too so you can take a break and enjoy the scenery.

The whole walk trail is compacted limestone so it's easy to walk on and has plenty of clearance from the bushland. No bikes are allowed on this trail however, but if you have kids and want to walk them in a jogger pram the track is suitable.

If you want a longer walk Tuart Trail interconnects with Camel Lake Heritage Trail (approx 1.9km round) and the larger Zamia Trail. All trails within Bold Park are well signposted. If you want to so the Zamia Trail and the parking is full at Reabold Hill, this is another alternative carpark to access this trail. If you want to enjoy a few of the trails we recommend you print out a map as the trails within Bold Park are quite complex.

Tuart Walk Bold Park is a lovely short nature walk that you can extend to a longer walk by connecting with one of the many other walk trails here. If offers stunning elevated views over the bushland and surround city area.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter 31st May 2019

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