The Glades Dog Park Byford

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It's not fancy, there's no double gate, grass or water fountains, but The Glades Byford Dog Park is a good place for some fenced off the lead exercise where there are less other people and dogs present. 


If you are just looking for a nice natural setting to take your dog for some off the lead exercise with the added bonus of a fence, then The Glades Dog Park may be for you. Don't expect too much and don't drive too far, it is very basic.

The Glades Dog Park is surrounded by a basic wire fence that is around 1.5m tall all the way around and a single gate at the front for access.

The agility equipment is made from natural and reused materials and there are a few seats located around the outside of the fenced area. How is this magnificent tree in the centre of the park? It casts quite a bit of natural shade over the park.

We are often contacted by dog owners looking for recommendations for quiet off the lead locations as their dog can be a little reactive. We think this would be a perfect spot if you can time it while no one else is visiting if you have a reactive dog that needs space to themselves. Doggy bags and a bin is provided at the gate, however bring your own along just in case they run out during your visit. Parking is on the street or the verge there is no allocated parking for the park.

If you are looking for a basic natural off the lead exercise area or perhaps a quiet location to give your reactive dog some exercise in Perth's far south, then you'll love The Glades Dog Park Byford. The Strand Lakeside Restaurant and Cafe is nearby too so you can enjoy dog friendly dining or a coffee before or after your play. 

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren 6th July 2019

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