South City Beach

Dog Exercise Beach | Carpark | Shower | Dog Wash Tap | Water Fountain with Dog Bowl | Dog Friendly Dining Nearby | No Toilets

City Beach South is a beautiful long sandy white dog exercise beach that is perfect for dogs and their owners to enjoy a walk along the beach, play and a swim. The City Beach dining precinct is just up the road too, so you can walk along the coastal path or drive up before or after a play at the beach for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


City Beach South is mostly designated as a dog exercise beach. You will find two carparks along Challenger Parade. The southern most (and smaller) carpark is where the dog exercise beach starts and extends south from here. The carpark is quite small, so you may need to park in the northern carpark which is a little bigger but just note you will need to walk south to the next carpark where the dog exercise beach starts. There is also some street parking to the north.

At the beach entry is a shower, low shower and water fountain with dog bowl so you can wash off and rehydrate after your swim and play at the beach.

The walk down to the beach on the designated walkway is approximately 500 metres.

You can see the dog exercise area marked clearly with signage when you get to the beach.

We arrived at South City Beach around 10am on one of the first warm days in Spring and it was a little chaotic, but within an hour or so we found we the crowds had thinned out a little. This beach does appear to be very popular with locals so expect a it to be busy on a nice day. We found the overall behaviour of dogs and owners to be really good, we didn't encounter any issues.

If you have kids with you this is a nice beach for families, however there are no flags and it is not actively patrolled. There can be lots of dogs here too, so if your kids aren't good with dogs it's probably not the beach for you.

South City Beach is a good swimming beach on a nice day. It doesn't get deep too quick and you can swim and enjoy a body surf on some good sized waves (not too big). The beach extends south towards the Campbell Barracks and there are no rocks in sight so it's a nice beach to enjoy a long walk or set up some shade and stay the day.

Just up the road is the City Beach dining precinct. You can't wander up the beach to get there as this section of the beach is not designated for dogs, but you can head back to the carpark and wander along the coastal path or jump in the car and drive up.  Dogs are welcome at Hamptons, Clancy's Fish Pub (Cafe section), Odyssea and you can also grab coffee and ice-cream from the kiosk window to enjoy on the grass or deck chairs where your dog can join you on a lead.

If you are looking for a beach where both you and your dog can enjoy a swim or somewhere to combine a meal and some time at the beach, South City Beach is perfect.

How To Get There: Park at the southern carpark 

Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 8th November 2017

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