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* Dog Friendly Cafe * Fenced Dog Playground * Dog Treats * Dog Bowls * Open Daily * Breakfast / Lunch * Kids Play Area (Inside & Outside)

Slate Cafe in the Swan Valley is dog friendly dining heaven with a fenced dog playground where you can let your dog play off the lead within the cafe grounds.

Green Monday deals, with low prices and sales on flea, tick & heartworm products of pets.
Green Monday deals, with low prices and sales on flea, tick & heartworm products of pets.

You'll love the cool vibe you get when you walk into Slate Cafe. Constructed mainly from re-purposed sea containers, dogs and their owners are welcome to dine out on the deck, that over looks the grassed area and fenced dog playground.

The fenced dog playground is located across the grassed area and is great to give your dog some off the lead play time and to socialise with other dogs while you wait for your meal or perhaps before or after your meal (dogs must be on a lead at all times outside of this area). The dog playground features play and agility equipment mostly made from up-cycled materials. 

Below is un updated pic courtesy of Slate Cafe. They have just mulched the dog playground and next on the improvements list is shade and comfy seating in this area. There is a little tree so this will provide some nice shade too in years to come.

Pictured: Mulched Fenced Dog Playground - photo courtesy of Slate Cafe

The menu is mainly composed of an All Day Menu with brunch type items starting from $15 for the Chicken Burger. The Yellow Fever menu features Vietnamese inspired dishes and is available from 1030am. If you are after something lighter there are items in the display cabinet inside as well. There is a big range of tea, coffees and other drinks available also. If you have kids in tow, kids meals are $8. 

Pictured: Avocado Smash $17 & Steak Sandwich $19

If you'd like something for your dog to munch on, they have dog treats in jar inside for just $1 each. Just pop your money in the honesty box and grab your dog's treat.

You'll love dining out on the deck over looking the grass. They have great music playing over the loud speak, so even though we visited on a Tuesday morning it had a very relaxed Sunday session feel. If you have kids with you they will love the outdoor and indoor play areas too.

Slate Cafe is open daily from 7am-4pm during the week and 8am-4pm on the weekends and is a must if you are in the Swan Valley whether it be for somewhere to eat or just to grab a coffee.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter 28th November, 2016

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