Sir James McCusker Park Iluka

Sir James McCusker Park Iluka Features: Dog Exercise Area (Off The Lead) | Boardwalk | Water Features | BBQs | Water Fountains / Dog Bowls |  Carpark

Sir James McCusker Park Iluka is a fantastic park for dogs who like to explore a little. This park feels like a walk through a natural forest and you would be forgiven for feeling, even just for a moment, that you were miles away from the city.


If you park in the carpark which is located off Serena Way, you can wander across a long board walk sheltered by large trees that takes you out over the lake.

There is a kids playground within the park that is mostly fenced, but does not have a gate enclosing it.

Picnic tables and seating are located around the park, including a picnic table right alongside the water. Note: there are warning signs about the water quality in the lake, so it's not suitable for dogs to swim in. If your dog just can't resist a swim we recommend you give this park a miss to be safe.

You can wander across the grass and through the trees, but if you would prefer a walkway there is a long winding walkway that goes around the park, where you can also find water fountains/dog bowls, seating and BBQs nearby (no toilets at this park however).

If you are looking for an off the lead park with a natural feel, you and your dog will Sir McCusker Park Iluka. It's lovely for a long walk around the lake, across the water and amongst the trees. If you want to stay a little longer there are water fountains/dog bowls, picnic shelters and BBQs.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 29th January 2016

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