Sir Frederick Samson Park

On The Lead Bushland Area *  Fully Fenced Playground * BBQs * Toilets * Bush Walks * Exercise Equipment * Water Fountain * Basketball Ring * Picnic Table * Seating * Disabled Parking Bays

Whether you are looking for somewhere to take your dog for a walk at the park or you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a longer bush walk without having to leave the city - you will love the beautiful Sir Frederick Samson Park. Please note as of Dec 1st 2018 this area has been changed to an on the lead area.


Sir Fredrick Samson Park is a rare piece of suburban conservation bushland that features Fremantle's last remnants of jarrah, marri  & tuart woodland and is an important wildlife habitat. With a small playground, exercise stations placed beautifully amongst the bushland, a bbq and toilets this is the perfect place to play and walk amongst nature for any type of fur family.

When I came across Sir Frederick Samson Park It had just been raining and the sun was shining through the bushland with the rain drops glistening on the leaves in the sun light. Don't let the rain keep you away from this beautiful park, in fact we recommend you visit while there is a bit of rain about and enjoy a true nature experience. It features a long grassed area but there is also dense bushland and dedicated walk trails to enjoy too.

Bushland like this is rare in Perth. It is closely monitored and maintained by a Fremantle Council conservation group. It is very well maintained with designated bush walk trails and regular planting to make sure the bushland stays vibrant.  We have seen many bushland areas in Perth closed off to dogs, even closed off completely due to environmental impact so be respectful of this area. Put your rubbish in bins and ensure dogs are controlled and on a lead at all times.

If you park on Sellenger Ave near Kirby Way (there is kerb parking here and two bitumised disabled bays), you will find this sign that shows you how to access each of the walk trails and describes what you will see along the way and the native animals you may see in the park. 

BBQ, picnic table and scattered logs around the playground. As you can see this is a beautiful natural setting just to spend the day playing and exploring amongst nature. 

If you or your family love to exericse, I don't think there is anywhere else more serene (that we have seen anyway) than this to exercise in the outdoors. There are serveral exercise stations around the playground and also on either side of the grassed stretch that goes up the middle of the park.

Sir Frederick Samson Park is one of our favourite finds so far.  It is one of the most amazing places in sububia we have come across to enjoy a bush walk with your dog on the lead.  As said before this is a very special place, please respect it and care for it. Make sure you check it out while it's been raining the bushland is truly stunning and the smell of nature breathtaking. If you want to enjoy a off the lead nature experience and don't want to head out all the way to the hills, then we highly recommend this as the next best thing. Enjoy.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 15th June 2016

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