Secret Harbour Dog Beach

Secret Harbour Dog Beach Features: Dog Exercise Beach * Shower * Water Fountain * Carpark

Secret Harbour Dog Beach is the perfect beach in Perth's far south for an off the lead walk, play and swim. It's a wide, sandy beach with nothing but white sand  as far as the eye can see.


If you park at the large carpark at Siracusa Court, you can take your dog off the lead onto the beach from this point and to the south.

At the carpark you can find a shower to wash the sand off before you leave. There is also a water fountain here also. 

You can enjoy a walk around the lake across from the carpark after your visit to the beach however dogs must be on a lead in this area due to swans nesting in the wetland.

If you are looking for a nice, long, white sandy beach to enjoy a swim, walk and off the lead play in Perth's far south, Secret Harbour Dog Beach is perfect.

How To Get There:

Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 25th February 2017

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