Ruby's Bakehouse Leeming

Ruby's Bakehouse Leeming Features:  Dog Friendly Cafe | Outdoor Dining | Dog Bowls | Open Monday - Saturday | Breakfast & Lunch | Off The Lead Dog Exercise Park Nearby

Ruby's Bakehouse is a hidden gem in Leeming with outdoor dog friendly dining right across the road from the big, off the lead dog exercise park at John Connell Reserve.


At Ruby's Bakehouse you can choose from amazing savoury and sweet bakehouse delights on display in the cabinet or order something more substantial for breakfast or lunch. You can dine out the front with your dog, and there is a drop down alfresco screen to protect you from rain and the wind when it's cold. 

Dog bowls are available for your dog at the front dining area and the big John Connell Reserve is just across the road making Ruby's Bakehouse and John Connell Reserve the perfect coffee and walk combination.

John Connell Reseve features a large open grassed area, exercise stations, long winding shared footpaths and a fenced playground for the kids.

If you are looking for somewhere to combine a coffee and something to eat with some off the lead exercise or even some exercise for yourself, then Ruby's Bakehouse and John Connell Reserve Leeming is the perfect combination.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 15th July 2017

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