Point Walter Dog Beach Attadale

Point Walter Dog Beach Attadale: Dog Exercise Beach | Dog Themed Art Sculptures | Good Stand Up Paddle / Kayak Spot | Seating | No Toilets | No BBQs | No Water Fountain | Carpark / Free Parking

Point Walter Dog Beach Attadale is a designated dog exercise beach and features a shady foreshore with dog themed artwork, as well as a long sandy beach to enjoy a run.


While dogs are not permitted on the Point Walter Reserve, this section of dog friendly beach is located just east of this area in between the Point Walter Reserve and Attadale Reserve dog exercise area.

There are around free 10 parking bays at the entry to the beach, and on the grassed area before the beach are a series of dog themed art sculptures by artist April Pine. 

I don't usually take photos of my dog doing a poo, but this I couldn't resist!

The beach is easily accessible from the grassy foreshore and the dog beach extends west from this point. It's only a short walk from the carpark so it's the perfect spot for a stand up paddle or kayak.

There is a bench seat located near the beach entry also.

The beach extends west towards the Point Walter Reserve from here approximately 100 meters. There is some shady area on the beach as well as a stretch of white sand and rock free sandy, shallow water, perfect for splashing and swimming. 

The western end of the Point Walter Dog Beach exercise area is well signposted.

The Point Walter Dog Beach is located on the Attadale shared walk path so this is a great spot to start a walk along the river also.

Please note, dogs are not permitted at Point Walter Reserve west of the Point Walter Dog Beach. There is also a massive dog exercise area just east of the Point Walter Dog Beach at the Attadale Reserve. There is a water fountain and some seating located at this reserve. Dog bags and bins are available at both the Point Walter Dog Beach and Attadale Reserve.

There are no toilets, bbqs or water fountains at the Point Walter Dog Beach so ensure you bring along your own water, because this is an absolutely beautiful spot and you will most likely want to stay awhile.  (Note: a google review states there is a water fountain, dog bowl and hose here but we didn't see it - we will confirm this next time we drive past).

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 3rd March 2020

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