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Pet Lovers Cafe Maylands is the perfect place to head out for breakfast, lunch or coffee & cake with your dog.  This cafe is not just dog friendly it's been created just for dogs (and other pets) and their owners. With indoor and outdoor dining, it's your go to no matter what the weather.

Pet Lovers Cafe were still in the process of moving from their previous Guildford location when we visited, so we have used a few photos from their facebook below (as indicated) so you can see some of the amazing features that are there now too. 


Image Credit: Pet Lovers Cafe Facebook

You can choose to dine outside, or inside this great area with tables and chairs or a lounge if you want to relax a little. It's fenced off from the gift shop and is open to the outside area also. So you can enjoy dining here even if it's a bit wet or too hot outside.

Of course the first thing you do when you arrive at a cafe after sitting down is to order some food.  Well Pet Lovers Cafe have a big menu for both yourself and your dog. The doggie menu consists of breakfast, lunch, sweets and even a doggie high tea and of course don't forget the popular bark-a-latte so you and your dog can enjoy the cafe experience together.

Pet Lovers Cafe Doggie Menu (Note: Menu subject to change)

If your dog needs a bit of a run around after downing their bark-a-latte, there is a fenced socialisation area out the back which is also a nice place to enjoy your coffee or tea while your dog gets a little bit of freedom to run around. Here you can also see there is a water fountain for the dogs to drink from and keep themselves cool.

Image Credit: Pet Lovers Cafe Facebook

Arrow most enjoyed his lamb bone and chicken dinner biscuit - but wasn't too keen to share it with anyone.  The kids were keen for the crossaints on the breakfast menu even though it was after lunch, but this was no problem for the staff and we all enjoyed a lovely lunch dining in the shade outside with Arrow.

Before you leave you may like to browse the pet accessories and essentials they have some fantastic things that you both need and want for your pet - you could even purchase some treats to go, either in the store or online.

Your dog will love you for taking him or her to Pet Lovers Cafe Maylands. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere will see you coming back time and time again to enjoy some quality time together with your dog and to meet other dogs and their owners. Head to the Pet Lovers Cafe facebook to see the hundreds of dogs that have visited this wonderful cafe. Also head to their website to find out about dog birthday parties, dog training school and events coming up at the cafe.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 25th August 2015

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