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We caught up with the wonderful, pet loving Terry from Perth Pet Taxi a couple of weeks ago and had a chat to him about his amazing service for Perth pet owners, Perth Pet Taxi.

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We’ve all heard about the ride sharing company Uber - now a Perth man has launched an ‘Uber style’ transport business for pets.

Perth Pet Taxis is the brainchild of Terry Butts who saw a gap in the market for people who struggle to transport their pets.

“Many elderly people who don’t drive, or people with disabilities have pets but no way of getting them out and about,” said Mr Butts.

“Often they struggle to get their pets to the vet or even to the beach for some exercise,” he said.

“Since we launched in May, the demand has been incredible. I thought it was a good idea, but I didn’t think I’d be run off my feet.”

“The work is fun and the broad range of animals is amazing. Most of our customers are from the wagging tail variety and love to travel in the custom built pet taxi and more times than not their owner jumps in the front.” 

“The pet taxi has a custom built pet carrier designed to transport a tiny little guinea pig to an 80kg Great Dane”.

Mr Butts said the most interesting jobs we’ve done include: 
· Transporting a pet snake to his new home
· Pets relocating with their owners to and from the airport
· Dogs and cats taking a holiday at their favourite pet boarding accommodation
· Pet emergency to 24 hour vets
· Doggy day care trips

The service can also be used by people who have lost their driver’s licence and want to make sure their pets don’t miss out on exercise including trips to the beach, bush, park or vet.

Clients are delighted with now having a pet taxi service in Perth. Pets don’t have to be accompanied by their owners and the service operates 24 hours a day.

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