Park for Kids and Dogs

Get the whole fur family out of the house for some activity at these Perth parks that are fun for dogs and kids. All these parks feature off the lead exercise areas and a playground with either a fenced kids or fenced dog exercise area.

Please note however dogs are not allowed within designated playground areas, so please ensure you have adequate supervision for both your dog and children and that your dog does not enter designated children's playground areas. Remember also that dogs must be on a lead during organised sporting events and activities.

Abbett Park Scarborough

Also know as Abbett Dog Park, this is a popular park with locals for some off the lead play, socialising and exercising together. There is a large, fenced playground at Abbett Park so if you are heading to this park with the kids we recommend having one adult to supervise the kids in the playground and one adult to walk the dog as there are strictly no dogs in the fenced playground area. Lady Latte is a short walk up the road as is both kids and dog friendly.


John Connell Reserve Leeming

John Connell Reserve is a off the lead massive reserve with lots of grassed area, football goals, exercise stations and a large circular shared path around the oval. There is a lovely well shaded, fully fenced playground for the kids near the Dundee Street side of the reserve. Ruby's Bakehouse is just across the road and is both dog and kid friendly. John Connell Reserve Leeming MAP (we recommend the Dundee Street access).

Cliff Sadlier Park Nedlands

This huge park has dog agility equipment and lots of grassed area for some off the lead play and exercise. For the kids there is a fantastic fenced playground that's well shaded too. 

Carrington Dog Park Nedlands

Carrington Dog Park is a fully fenced dog park with a fully fenced kids play area within the dog park. Keep an eye on things at this park the City of Nedlands are currently reviewing the park for upgrades, including an upgrade to dog facilities.

Jack Marks Park Mount Lawley

This is a popular park for dogs to socialise together. It's fully fenced, however the fence is only around a meter high, so if you have a large dog that can jump this may not be the park for you. Within the fenced dog area is a fenced kids playground, and Haven Coffee at the park and is open on weekends, so this is a good one for the whole fur family.

Yarra Vista Dog Park Jandakot

Yarra Vista park is perfect if you are looking for more natural play experience. Don't expect your kids or dog to come home clean from a visit to this park. The fenced dog area features natural vegetation and a sandy surface under lots of natural shade. Both the small and large dog areas are fully fenced and there is a playground in between the two fenced dog areas. The playground is a little dated but we are sure the kids will still find it fun.

Harold Rossiter Park Kensington

Harold Rossiter Park is located alongside the Kensington Bushland so you can enjoy an on the lead bush walk then some off the lead activity at huge off the lead exercise area.  For the kids there is a small fully fenced playground up near the sports club room.

Bayswater Riverside Gardens

Keep this one in mind, particularly in summer. Not only is there a large, grassy off the lead area, this is a great spot for the family to have a splash in the river too. For the kids there is a large fully fenced playground and your dog is allowed off the lead on the on the side opposite to the playground, and must be on the lead on the playground side. 

Charles Riley Reserve North Beach

Charley Reserve features one of Perth's most popular playgrounds complete with a double flying fox. The playground has a wide pathway that runs through the middle that you are allowed to walk your dog on (on the lead). This makes it easier to keep your dog close by while you supervise the kids.  Not far from the kids playground is the fully fenced dog exercise area. You can also find a mobile coffee van in the car park during peak times.

Princess Wallington Reserve Balga

Big reserve with fenced dog exercise area and big playground alongside.  Small shopping complex just across the road, including a 7 Eleven so you can grab a coffee and a cuppa to enjoy during your visit. 

Mofflin Avenue Park Claremont

Small (low) fenced dog exercise area with separate fenced kids playground.

Carine Open Space

Carine Open Space is an off the lead reserve with a fenced dog park and kids playground alongside. The reserve also features a skate park as well as beautiful walk trails so the whole fur family can enjoy a walk around the reserve and Carine Swamp together.

We hope this list helps get you and your whole fur family out of the house for some activity. If you have a favourite park that features a fenced kids playground or fenced dog park - that is good for both dogs and kids that is not on our list please contact us to let us know.

List by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 3rd August 2017. Updated 9th August 2019.

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