North Fremantle Foreshore

North Fremantle Foreshore Features: Dog Exercise Area | Water Fountain & Bowl | Dog Friendly Cafe Nearby

The North Fremantle Foreshore is an off the lead dog exercise area an is a nice spot for a walk along and splash the Swan River, with the foreshore extending up to the Stirling Hwy Bridge. 


Access is easy with a small carpark (around 10-12 cars) at the end of Johannah St, which is only about 20m from the foreshore.  At this section of the foreshore there are lots of trees and bushes which provide a little bit of shade on the sandy area and is a nice little spot for dogs to explore. 

The northern end is nice and sandy. The shore is lined with small boats used to access larger boats mored out in the Swan River and is long enough for your dog to enjoy a nice run and splash in the shallow water. 

The water is very shallow - around ankle height extending out about 20m's before it starts to get deeper.  There were a few rocks and a bit of seeweed on the river floor, so it probably isn't our favourite spot along the Swan River for both humans and dogs to swim, but our Arrow who is usually not a water boy was actually quite interested in wading in the water, this may have been because of the extended shallow depth.

The southern end of the foreshore extends to the Stirling Hwy Bridge.  This section is more rocky and there are a couple of large pipes you need to walk around. We had my son with us who wasn't keen to walk, but from here it looks to be a nice walk along the beach and over rocks to underneath the bridge. A lot of people came from this direction so it seems like a popular walk trail.  Dogs will love climbing over rocks and exploring the bushes along this section. Note: there are a couple of picnic tables along the foreshore but they are in fairly bad repair.

North Fremantle Foreshore is a lovely place to take your dog for a splash and a walk. It's fairly quiet and is easily accessible from the carpark.  Before you head back to your car there is a water fountain and dog bowl, and you can also get doggie poo bags here.

You may like to check out Propeller North Fremantle for a bite to eat or a drink they love having fur customers come to visit and are located not far away on Queen Victoria Street. A reader has also informed us that the Rabbit in the Moon Cafe is dog friendly too. This is on Doepler St, but it looks from the map that you can walk there, by walking south and a bit past the bridge. 

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 18th October 2015

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