North Beach Dog Beach

North Beach Dog Beach Features: Dog Exercise Area * Cafes Nearby * Shower * Water Fountain/Bowl

North Beach Dog Beach is a beautiful sandy beach that is just a short walk from the popular Flora Terrace, North Beach Cafe strip making it perfect for a summer beach and coffee combination.


The beach is approx 500m long and has rocks at both ends so it's a good one for dogs that like to run off as they can't go too far. Unlike other beaches in the area it's nice and sandy without too many rocks in the water - so a nice one for both dogs and owners to enjoy a swim.

You can access the North Beach Dog Beach at the end of Lawley Street (the northern end of the beach), if you are wandering straight down from the Flora Terrace cafe strip, however once you get to the end of the footpath you need to climb down rocks to get to the beach.

At the southern end of the beach that access is much better with steps down to the beach.

The south access is best reached by parking at the carpark near the North Beach jetty lookout, located in between Castle Street and Malcolm Street. From here it is about a 500m walk down the walkway and the steps to the beach, passing the North Beach jetty lookout on the way. You may find it hard to get parking on a busy day, there is another carpark futher south or you may be best parking up at Flora Terrace and walking down.

On your way down to the North Beach Dog Beach you will pass a shower and water fountain, so you can get all that sand off before you get back in the car. It's directly in front of the access to the North Beach lookout jetty.

The Flora Terrace cafe strip runs parallel to West Coast Drive just one street up, between Lawley Street and Malcolm Street so it's just a short walk to a dog friendly cafe from the beach or to enjoy a swim after a coffee or something to eat. Lawleys's Bakery and Troppico are located on Flora Terrace and are great dog friendly places to dine or grab a coffee. 96 Express is also a lovely spot overlooking the coast to pull up a bean bag and enjoy a smoothie, acai bowl or a coffee.

North Beach Dog Beach is a beautiful spot for a summer swim or splash for both you and your dog. Team it up with a coffee to go or dining at one of the dog friendly cafes on Flora Terrace and you have a perfect coffee, walk and beach combination.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 17th December 2016

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