Newhaven Dog Adventure Park Piara Waters

Newhaven Dog Adventure Park Piara Waters: Fenced Dog Exercise Area | Small & Large Dog Area | Agility Equipment | Shelters | Water Bowls | Seating

The Newhaven Dog Adventure Park Piara is a big off the lead fully fenced dog exercise area with separate small and large dogs area. With the surrounding thriving community it's a great place to meet with friends and make new friends too.


The park is quite narrow and is very, very long, so it's good for dogs who love a good run and game of fetch.

There is a separate section for small and large dogs, both are fairly similar, with the large dog area being a bit longer and featuring larger and more agility equipment.

Each section features double gates, doggie bags, water fountain with dog bowl, seating, shelter and agility equipment. The large dog area is pictured below.

The park is mostly grassed but there are some worn sandy areas particularly in the large dog area. 

Whether you are local to the area or keen to enjoy a bit of a drive to check out somewhere new, you and your dog will love Newhaven Dog Adventure Park Piara Waters. It's very social and there is lots of space to run around. The Stockland Harrisdale Shopping Centre is just up the road if you want to grab a cuppa to go on the way.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 28th June 2019

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