Minim Cove Mosman Park

Off The Lead Dog Exercise Area * River Swimming Spot * Toilets * BBQ * Riverside Walk 

Minim Cove Mosman Park is an off the lead dog park and if you look closely you can also find a nice little Swan River swimming spot right out in front of the off the lead dog park area.


Minim Cove is located near the Mosman Park Tennis Club off McCabe St Mosman Park. When you see the tennis club pull into the carpark and park and you only need to walk a few metres to the Minim Cove Dog Exercise Area.

The dog exercise area is a very shady mix of sand and grass where they can run around without a lead.  Right in front of the dog exercise area is a small stretch of river - but you would probably miss it if you didn't know it was there.

This is the entry down the to the river - it's not too steep, just watch your head on the over hanging branches. 

The beach area isn't very wide, with large rocky cliffs either side, and there's quite a bit of debris (and unfortunately rubbish) on the shore. But it's a lovely little spot to have a little swim to cool off. The water is clear and the bottom is sandy too. 

And if you have kids the Minim Cove Mosman Park dog exercise area is alongside the Russell Brown Adventure Park, our dog had fun helping the kids make a dam in the stream.  Keep them on a lead however as this is designed to be a kids nature play space. There are toilets located just in front of the kids nature park too. 

You might like to stay a while there are lots of BBQs nearby or there is a walk/cycle way that extends in either direction so it's a great spot to start a river side walk.

How To Get There: 

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