Manners Hill Park Peppermint Grove

Manners Hill Park Peppermint Grove Features: Dog Exercise Area | Large Pavilion | Water Tap | Toilets | Dog Friendly Cafe Nearby

Manners Hill Park Peppermint Grove is a large off the lead dog exercise park with lots of shady areas and a large pavilion, perfect for sheltering during rain or on a hot day.


This park is perfect for a game of fetch and to enjoy a good run around, with plenty of natural shading too.

There is a water fountain at the toilet block behind the pavilion. There was no dog bowl while we were there so you'll need to bring your own container along.

If you want to take your dog for a swim in the river, there is a dog exercise area north of Leake Street. It features bushland, walking paths and a picnic area. Just a. cross the road from Manners Hill Park is also the dog friendly Freshwaters Cafe, which is open daily.

If you are looking for Perth off the lead dog exercise area with a large pavilion for sheltering when rains about or when it's hot, Manners Hill Park is perfect. Plus you'll enjoy beautiful views of the river, lovely shady areas all with plenty of space to enjoy a run and play.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 20th May 2017

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