Maison Saint Honore Swan Valley

Maison Saint Honore Swan Valley Features:  Dog Friendly Garden Dining | Cake & Macaron Factory | Open Daily | Licensed (Beer/Wine/Cider) | Kids Play Area | Kids Meals | Dogs Water Bowls

Enjoy a French countyside garden dining experience at Maison Saint Honore in the Swan Valley (Caversham), complete with authentic French sweets and French accents, you will feel like you've stepped into a little piece of France from the time you walk in the door.


If you are visiting with your dog, you will love the shady garden setting behind the fence. It's also away from the kids play area. Just ask one of the staff to open the side gate and they will let you in and fill up the water bowl for your dog.

If you can have someone to mind your dog, you will enjoy strolling through the cake and macaron showroom inside. Here you can find a selection of delicous macarons and other traditional French treats you can enjoy in the garden setting with a coffee, juice or perhaps even a wine, beer or cider.

I chose the homemade salted caramel icecream and macaron sandwich, to enjoy with a Michael Brothers Juice. I'm not much of a fan of macarons, well I wasn't,until this amazing creation completely converted me.  The macaron was so amazing and perfectly complemented the delicious macaron. The presentation was perfect. It was like a piece of art, served on a wooden board and decorated with whipped cream and chocolate and caramel sauce - so good!

You can choose from the display counter or select something from the menu. The menu includes savoury and sweet crepes and other traditional French desserts. When you place your order you will notice all the staff have beautiful French accents which completely adds to the French feel and setting. You'll be given a number for your table and then all you have to do is sit back an relax in the garden with your dog while you wait for order to be brought to you. 

The garden setting features a range of different seating from ground level lounges to deck chairs, with each seated area offering a sense of privacy as they are spaced out throughout the garden. We loved the up -cycling of pallets used to create seating and enclose the garden area.

Both you and your dog will feel a little bit fancy pants when you dine at Maison Saint Honore Caversham. The garden setting is just stunning and you'll feel spoiled after you've relaxed in the garden and indulged in an amazing traditional French recipe. If you are in the Swan Valley with your dog, this really is a must. It's open daily and open a little later Friday and Saturdays until 9pm.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter, 25th November 2016

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