Lake Gwelup Reserve

Off the Lead Dog Walk * Lake * Wetland Observation Board Walk * 2.5km Round Walk * Toilets * Water Fountain & Dog Water Bowl * BBQ * Picnic Shelters * Walk Track Suitable for Jogger Prams or Bikes * Small Playground * Grassed Oval * Potential Water Hazard Present * Dog Friendly Cafe Nearby

Lake Gwelup Reserve is a beautiful off the lead nature walk for your and your dog.  The path / track around the lake is approximately 2.5km long.


Dogs are permitted off the lead (but under control of the owner) at Lake Gwelup Reserve.  There is a track that goes all the way around the lake.  The track is half bitumised and the other half is compacted limestone.  The track is suitable for bikes or jogger prams.

From the carpark as you make your way around the lake in either direction the walk path is bitumised.  Half way around the track becomes compacted limestone as you make your way into the thicker bushland. We went around in a clock wise direction.

As we moved into the bushland area the track turned from bitumen to compacted limestone  which is surrounded by lovely bushland.  The track runs a good distance from the lake edge - which is good as the waters edge can be fairly muddy and their are lots of signs about the water not being suitable for human or animal consumption.

You are bound to see plenty of birdlife as you make your way around.

There are several large grassy openings where you can enjoy having a break and throwing a ball, there are a few seated areas along the way too.

It is here too you can pop over the road to the Gwelup Shopping Centre to grab a coffee at Kaffeine Cafe & Pizzeria - you can grab a coffee to go or sit down and enjoy your coffee in the outside dining area - there are plenty of water bowls here for your dog.

Back onto the walk and as you come back to the begining the path becomes bitumised again and there is a lovely boardwalk that take you out onto a bird watching viewing platform.  If you are a keen bird watcher bring the binoculars along as you get a lovely look over the lake.  

I put Arrow's lead back on here, as it is quite a big drop from the top of the platform at the end of the viewing area. From here there is a boardwalk that takes you back to the Lake Gwelup Reserve Oval and carpark but it was closed for maintenance on the day we visited so we just headed back down the same boardwalk.

Coming back to the start of our walk we crossed the big oval to get back to the car. This is a great spot for some more stick or ball throwing time. There are often sporting events on this oval so you may need to put our dog back on the lead when you approach this area if there is a sporting match or practice in progress.

For families there is a small playground here. It's not the greatest but is somewhere for the kids to have a play after your walk before you head back home. Here there is also toilets, water fountains and BBQs.

Lake Gwelup Reserve is a great spot if you are looking for somewhere to walk your dog off the lead and enjoy a little bit of nature. If you have kids they may like to ride their bikes around the lake too.

Warning: You may want to re-consider visiting this spot if your dog is obsessed with water. There are warning signs that the water can be hazardous to humans and animals if it is ingested and there are some muddy areas around the lake.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 26th February 2016

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