Lake Claremont & Lake Espresso

Dogs On The Lead * 3km Lake Walk * Walk Suitable for Prams & Bikes * Cafe (Open Daily Early - 12noon)  * Off The Lead Dog Exercise Area * Toilets (at the Cafe/Golf Club) * Dog Friendly Cafe * Alfresco / Outdoor DIning

An on the lead walk followed by a coffee at Lake Espresso is the perfect dog walk and coffee combo.  Lake Claremont is just under 3kms around, and has a shared path that goes half way around and the other half is compacted limestone, so it's an easy, flat and scenic walk around the lake.


We recommend parking in the Lake Claremont Golf Club carpark (Lasplsey Rd, map below). This is where the Lake Espresso Cafe is located and the walk comes full circle back to this point.  We like to walk anti clock wise as our dog seems to like walking on the lake side of the path and therefore isn't wandering across the other path lane. 

If you do walk around anti clockwise you will come across an off the lead dog exercise area not too far into your walk on the right hand side. This is great if you want to include a bit of ball throwing or off the lead time in your walk When you start your walk at the Lake Claremont Golf Course club room you will see a sign that shows you where this area is.

As you walk along the shared path, just before about the half way mark you can choose a nature path that runs a little closer to the lake. From here the trail is compacted limestone until you make your way around to just before the golf club. 

The walk takes you around the perimeter of the lake so you get some beautiful views overlooking the lake. This area isn't as beautiful as it is by accident it's closely monitored and cared for by the Friends of Lake Claremont community volunteer group. If you'd like to be involved with helping to care for this area they have regular planting, weeding and busy bee days so head to to find out more.

As you near the end leg of the walk around the lake there is a lovely board walk and gazebo so you can walk out over the lake and enjoy a 360deg view of the lake and a take closer look at the water birds. 

You'll next come across this cute little nature based playground. If you have kids they will enjoy having a play here. It is very open to the lake just in front of the playground, so please watch them very closely here.  You can also find several exercise stations just next to the playground.

The path turns back into the bitumised shared path at the playground and from here it's just a short walk back to the Lake Claremon Golf Course, where you can find the beautiful dog friendly Lake Espresso.  It's only open until midday each day, so if you arrive close to lunch you may want to have your coffee and cake before your walk.

Lake Espresso is a hole in the wall type cafe with a small alfresco dining area that is dog friendly and overlooks Lake Claremont. The cafe blinds and a upright heater keep it nice and cosy in winter. The menu is pretty basic with teas, coffees and a small range of muffins and other sweet treats. I enjoyed a beautiful mocha and declious salted caramel ball by Healthy Handful.

If it's a sunny day you can also sit out on the lawn, there are a few picnic style tables out he front under the shady trees. Just remember dogs need to stay on the lead here - and there is a water bowl on the corner of the cafe.  If you need to use the toilet, there are toilets that are open during the golf club open times. 

If you are looking for a nice walk and somewhere to enjoy a coffee, you wont be disappointed with a walk around Lake Claremont and a coffee from Lake Espresso. Remember they are only open in the morning until lunch time so make sure you are up and about early enough to enjoy this sensational Perth dog friendly walk and cafe.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 8th June 2016

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