Koondoola Regional Bushland Sensory Walk Trail

Koondoola Regional Bushland is 137 hectares of on the lead bushland trails and includes a short Sensory Walk Trai lthat features signs with information about the flora and fauna of the area. This area is home to the Western Jewel Butterfly too so look out for it on your walk.


We chose to enter at the Koondoola Avenue / Burbridge Avenue entrance, this is where the short paved Sensory Walk is. (appprox 500m). From here you can access the sand/limestone bush trails. There is no designated parking here but there is a little bit of room on the side of the road to park - or you can park at the reserve across the road. The City of Wanneroo designates all bushland areas as on the lead, while there is no signage regarding this, this is an on the lead area. 

We enjoyed our walk during winter but one of our readers who is also a local to the area said that this area is stunning during wildflower season, so put it on your list of places to visit if you want to explore the wildflowers in Spring in Perth.

Another reader told us there is a nice hill you can walk up too. To get to the hill you can park where we did at the Koondoola/Burbridge entrance. Follow the limestone track East, when you get to the T junction turn right towards the water tower, walk along the fence line East and there are park benches along the way. 

This is a huge reserve with 8.6km of limestone paths and 9.2km of sand paths, so you may need to visit a few times to explore it all. We recommend you print of a map as it could be easy to get a little lost. You can download a map here, this shows all the different access points, so you can try entering at different locations to explore a new part of this reserve each time you visit.

Koondoola Regional Bushland is a forever bushland site. Bushland areas like this in suburban areas that still allow dogs to enter are becoming rare, so please ensure your dog is always on a lead, under your control and that you pick up after them too.

If you are looking for a dog friendly suburban bush walk that is rich in flora and fauna and not too far from the city, then you will enjoy wandering through the Koondoola Regional Bushland and Sensory Walk Trail.

How To Get There:

Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 22nd June 2018

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