Kingsway Dog Park Madeley

Kingsway Dog Park Madeley Features: Fully Fenced | Small & Large Dog Areas | Agility Equipment | Water Fountains

Kingsway Dog Park Madeley is a fully fenced dog exercise area with natural elements, lots of shade, agility equipment and two separate areas for small and large dogs.


While both areas are quite large, the small dog area is the shadier of the two. It features lots of established native trees and shrubs,  grassed areas, a sand pit with brick wall surrounding and agility equipment.

The large dog area also features native trees and bushes but they aren't quite as dense. The fenced area is quite a bit larger but also includes a sand pit with brick wall surrounding and agility equipment.

Both areas have a water fountain with dog bowl and double gated entry. There are no toilets or BBQs located near the dog exercise park however, there are toilets and bbqs available just a short drive away at the kids (Dinosaur Park) playground (dogs must be on a leash here and must not go into the kids playground or water playground areas).

If you love getting your dog out for a good off the lead fenced play and you also love a more natural environment then you will love Kingsway Dog Park Madeley.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren 9th December 2019

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