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John Tonkin Dog Exercise Area East Fremantle

Swan River Dog Exercise Area * Toilets * Nice Swimming Spot * Kids Playground * BBQs * Cafe Nearby (Not Dog Friendly)

PLEASE NOTE: This area is no longer a dog exercise area. The dog exercise area has been moved just north of here to the River Foreshore portion off Riverside Road. We'll update this review as soon as we can

The John Tonkin East Fremantle Dog Exercise is one of the nicest spots we have seen on the Swan River, that is designated as an off the lead dog exercise area.  

If you drive past the Zephyrs Cafe carpark (which unfortunately doesn't allow dogs within the outdoor dining areas) and keep going to the next car park, you will pull up right in front of the dog exercise area which is just to the right of the kids playground.  It's a beautiful white, sandy, stretch of beach that is blocked off at one end by the bank and is a popular spot for dogs to run and splash - unfortunately there is no tap or showers to give your dog a wash down before getting in the car however. 

It's a great spot if you have kids too with the Dog Exercise Area not far from a great shaded playground, with a toddler playground a little further down, dogs are required to be on a lead in this area however.

Your dog may also like to take a photo opportunity with the master and her dog statue that is near the playground. 

So if you are looking for a nice place to let your dog have a splash and run on a warm sunny day, the who fur family will love the John Tonkin Dog East Fremantle Dog Exercise area. There is also a walk / cycle path that winds alongside the river if you wanted to start a riverside walk from this location. 

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 21st July 2015

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