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JH Abrahams Reserve Crawley

* Dog Exercise Area * Water Fountains * Shower * Parking (Paid During the Week) * Playground * Basketball Hoop * BBQ * Picnic Shelters * Seating * Toilets

JH Abrahams Reserve Crawley is also know as Pelican Point and is a beautiful dog exercise area located between Matilda Bay Reserve and the Nedlands Yacht Club.

We love visiting Matlida Bay but unfortunately it's not an off the lead reserve so we decided to wander up to the dog exercsie area on this visit to give Arrow a bit of a run around. It was probably a good 10-15min walk from Matlida Bay. You can also park directly at JH Abrahams Reserve with a large carpark located right alongside the reserve (ticketed Mon-Fri 8-5pm).

At the start of the dog exercise area there is a lovely playground area with bbqs, picnic tables and seating. A toilet block is located near the carpark here also. If you have kids as well as a dog this is a great spot for a family bbq or picnic and a play. Just remember your dog is not permitted to enter the playground area.

The reserve features a nice wide grassed exercise area away from the playground that runs all the way down to the Nedlands Yacht Club.  There is also a shared pathway that runs along the foreshore so you can enjoy a walk alongside the river.  The water here isn't the nicest spot for swimming overall, but there are a few little spots for your dog to enjoy a splash.

A 3m tall wall runs most the length of the reserve with the waters edge at the bottom so it's a little difficult to access the water. Steps down to the water are located around the middle of the reserve where there is a ramp and some sandy area to access the water for a splash. This seemed to be the best spot to access the water. Just note on a high tide access to the water may be difficult, especially if it's a little windy and the waves are crashing up against the wall.

If your dog had a splash and you would like to give him or her a hose off before you go, there is a shower and hose located near the carpark.

JH Abrahams Reserve (Pelican Point) Crawley is a great place for an off the lead walk along the river, a splash or somewhere to just run around.  With full facilities including toilets, bbqs, picnic shelters and a playground it's the perfect spot for families with dogs to enjoy some familly time together.

How To Get There:

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 30th December 2016

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