Jackadder Reserve Woodlands

Jackadder Reserve Woodlands Features: Off The Lead Park * Lake * Toilets * Water Fountain & Dog Bowl * Walk Path * BBQs * Cafe / Restaurant / Shops Nearby

Jackadder Reserve Woodlands is one of our favourite Perth parks.  The lake, grassed areas and tree surrounding the lake are just beautiful. It's located in a nice quiet part of Woodlands and you can deny the serenity and over whelming feel of natural while you are here.


While Jackadder Reserve Woodlands is an off the lead dog park, it is being closely monitored by the City of Stirling with consideration to change the park to an on the lead park in the future.  

There are lots of bird life here, we keep Arrow on the lead near the water as we can't trust him not to chase the birds. Also having kids its easier to keep an eye on them all around the water if Arrow is on the lead. So please keep in mind this is an off the lead park, but dogs must be under the control of their owner.

The lake walk is just over approx 1.2km aroun, so it's perfect for a morning or afternoon stroll with your dog. We let Arrow off the lead for a run when we are a little further away from the lake. There are plenty of large grassed areas around the lake too if your dog likes to chase a ball or a stick.

There are several exercise machines placed around the lake.  Jackadder Reserve is a popular spot for exercisers and dog walkers. Your dog is sure to make a friend or two when you visit.

After a walk there is a water fountain and dog bowl near the big kids playground.  You can also head across the road if you want a coffee or something to eat.  There is a Farmer Jacks Supermarket, Bada Bing Cafe and 3 Sheets on the Lake.

As a fur family we love Jackadder Reserve Woodlands  Starting with a walk or scooter around the lake and some off the lead time, and then the kids get to have a play at the playground - everyone's happy. You can pop across the road for a coffee too, making this another great Perth coffee and walk combo.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 9th October 2015

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