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Jack Marks Reserve Mount Lawley 

Off The Lead Park * Fully Fenced (only 1m high) * Water Fountain & Bowl * Street Parking * Partly Shade * Fully Fenced Playground

Jack Marks Reserve Mount Lawley is a popular off the lead dog park.  It's fully fenced (however the fence is only about 1m high all the way around).

This park features a big grassed area in the sun, and a shaded area in the corner where stick loving dogs will love exploring in the wood chips under the tall trees for a prize stick! 

There is a water fountain with doggy bowl attached so there will always be water for your dog to drink

And the kids were pretty fascinated with the dedicated doggy poopy bin

This is a great park to bring your dog for a run and a play with other dogs, and a good one if you have kids too with the fully fenced playground for them to play on. It's beautifully shaded on one corner of the park and there is heaps of room for dogs to run around or chase a ball. Just remember the fence is only 1m high, so if you have a runner that can get over the fence then this may not be the park for you. 

How to Get There: Broome St, Mt Lawley

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Can't find what you are looking for? Try searching here

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