Golden Bay Dog Beach and Dog Beach Deli

Dog Exercise Beach | Shower | Dog Bowl | Dog Friendly Deli

Enjoy a off the lead splash at the dog beach then wander across the car park and to enjoy a drink, ice cream or light snack from the Dog Beach Deli, complete with dog friendly garden dining in Golden Bay.

Golden Bay Dog Beach is located at the far southern car park off Marillana Drive. The off the lead dog exercise area runs south from this point. Dogs are not permitted north of this area as per signage in the car park.

The walk from the car park to the dog beach isn't too far. There is a slight up hill walk closer to the beach and watch out for snakes on the path with dense shrubs either side of the path.

Golden Bay dog beach is a long white sandy beach so it's perfect for a long walk along the beach or a swim. It's free from rocks, however the waves and swell can be pretty big here (as it was on the day we visited), so under rough conditions may be for strong swimmers only.

When your done at the beach there is a shower for you and your dog to wash off the sand and a water fountain with dog bowl (that's as big a small dog bath) to re-hydrate.

If all that splashing in the sun has got you feeling a little peckish, just wander across the car park to the Golden Bay Dog Beach Deli. Here you can get drinks, ice-cream, kebabs, hot chips, smoothies and more.

There is plenty of dog friendly dining at the Dog Beach Deli, with some seating in the sun and some shady seating at the front of the deli.

You can enjoy something from the deli daily from early morning until mid afternoon and later in the evening Thurs - Sun (check opening hours on their facebook, link below).

If you are looking for a dog exercise beach in the far southern suburbs of Perth, head to Golden Bay and enjoy something to eat or drink before or after your swim at the Dog Beach Deli too.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 27th January 2018

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