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NOTE: The cafe has permanently closed however the daycare and grooming business is still operating

Dog Cafe | Dog Menu | Low Allergen Dog Treats | Breakfast & Lunch | Kids Menu | Dog Friendly Indoor & Enclosed Alfresco | VID (Very Important Dog Area) | Boutique | Water Bowls Available | Dog Parties | Open Wednesday - Monday (Closed Tuesday)

At Furbaby Cafe Westminster your dog is treated like a part of the family.  This cafe has been established especially for dogs and families to dine and relax together.  When you arrive your dog is greeted with lots of smiles and pats and is 100% safe in the fully fenced alfresco and outdoor dining area. In 2019 Furbaby Cafe also became the first Perth cafe to offer indoor dog friendly dining.


After making our way through all the Furbaby Cafe staff cuddles and pats we made our way through the boutique and out the back to the dining area. The kids firstly organised Arrow a water bowl and Master 4 in particular loved filling up his dog bowl in the Ellie the Elephant Water Fountain, so there is always fresh water available for them at the cafe.

The kids loved being able to dine with our Jack Russell, Arrow and shortly after we sat down we ordered Arrow a Puppy Popsicle and a couple of healthy, low allergen doggy treats from the barkery. The kids ordered their breakfast from the kids menu, while I ordered a delicious iced mocha. Arrow loved making some friends while we waited for breakfast - this is Ernie they are now following each other on Instagram too

First came Arrows pupscile - a chicken neck and veggies frozen in coconut water.  This kept him occupied while we enjoyed our breakfast. The puppy popsicle was just $3 and he ate every last bit and of course these are fantastic to help keep them cool on a hot day.

The boys absolutely being able to dine with Arrow - and there is a kids menu with a good variety of meals for just $10. Our youngest particulary enjoyed replenishing Arrow's water, I think he had three bowls on the go at one stage. It's a great place for fur families to dine together - but just because you don't have a dog don't discount Furbaby it's a beautiful cafe with very friendly staff and beautiful food and it's a great way for your kids to get their dog fix if you don't have a dog yourself.

They have a beautiful range of low allergen treats for your dog at the Furbaby Barkery. As you can see Arrow couldn't wait to get to his liver doggy biscuits (just $1 each).

You can get your doggie his very own Doggycino so you can both get your "coffee" fix.

In 2019 Furbaby Cafe opened their indoor dining area to dogs and their owners, making this the first Perth cafe to offer indoor dog friendly dining.

There is also a beautiful pet boutique at the Furbaby Cafe, with an amazing range of pet necessities and accessories, so you can browse or get that much needed item for your pet on the way out.

The staff at Furbaby Cafe all clearly love pets and welcome you and your fur family as if you were part of their family.  A staff member even comes out regularly to offer to hold your dog if you need a toilet break, so everything is thought of.  

There is a side gate so if you want to give your dog a toilet break you can pop out the side and put your dog's poop in the poopy bin located here.  Since our review they have added a VID (Very Important Dog) area so you dog can have some off the lead time during your visit too.

Furbaby Cafe is well located across from the Northlands Shopping Centre, there is heaps of parking and we just know you'll be back again and again! Oh and don't forget they can also help you throw a fantastic doggy party too.

More information: www.furbabycafe.com.au (you can also find a full cafe menu here for you, your kids and your dog)

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Posted by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 2nd February 2015

Furbaby Cafe Westminster Review

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