Forrest Park Mount Lawley

Forrest Park Mount Lawley Features: Dog Exercise Park * Water Fountain / Dog Bowl  *  Exercise Stations * Fenced Playground * Seating * Shared Path * Cafes & Restaurants Nearby

Forrest Park Mount Lawley is a big recreational and sports ground that has been designated as a dog exercise park. It's just a short walk from Mount Lawley cafe & restaurant strip.


This large reserve is also a sporting ground, so dogs will need to be on a lead if organised sporting activities are in progress. The park features a shared path that goes all the way around the outside, so it's a good one if you want to enjoy a run or a ride with your dog following along off the lead.

There are exercise stations located on the Harold Street side, so it's a good park to enjoy some exercise with your dog.

A children's playground is located within the park and is fully fenced.

A water fountain and dog bowl is available on the Harold Street side

Forrest Park is a large reserve that is mostly open green space with some shady areas around the outside. It's a great park to let your dog have a run around or to do some activity with your dog.  Parking is located alongside the park on Harold Street and Curtis Road. Perfectly located just a few minutes walk from the Mount Lawley cafe & restaurant strip making this a great location for a coffee and walk combination.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 10th February 2017

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