Floreat North Dog Beach

Floreat North Dog Beach: Dog Exercise Beach | Carpark | Showers | Water Fountain | No Toilets

Floreat North Dog Beach is located between Floreat Drain Dog Beach and Peasholm Dog Beach in Floreat. We love this beach as it's a little less busy than Peasolm Dog Beach, but with the same beautiful beach and showering facilities near the carpark.


If you are coming from the south there is a turn off straight of West Coast Highway into the Floreat North Dog Beach Carpark. If you are travelling from the North you need to turn right at the Floreat Beach sign, then turn right again and follow the unnamed road that runs parallel to West Coast Drive to the end where you will find the carpark.

The carpark isn't huge and but has 50 car park bays. It's around 150 meters walk to the beach from the carpark and it's a bit of a steep incline at the beginning as you walk back to the carpark.

Floreat North Dog Beach is a lovely white sandy beach that's free from rocks and popular with other dogs and their owners without being quite a crowded as the Peasholm Dog Beach just north of this beach. Please note it is an unpatrolled beach.

If you want to enjoy a walk along the beach you can walk south up to Floreat Drain Dog Beach and north to Peasholm Street Dog Beach, it's located between these two beaches.

While there are no toilets here you can shower off before you jump back in the car with, two showers (that have lower shower for your dog) and a water fountain with dog bowl too.

If you are looking for a dog beach that's a little quieter than some of the more popular beaches but also has, good parking, showering facilities and a water fountain then Floreat North Dog Beach is all you need.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 11th February 2021

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