Floreat Dog Beach

Floreat Dog Beach Features: Off the Lead Dog Beach * Sandy Beach * No toilets/showers/water fountain

Floreat Dog Beach is a beautiful sandy off the lead dog beach.  It's often referred to as Floreat "Drain" Dog Beach as the southern end is bordered by a large drain pipe that discharges water into the ocean.

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As you walk north along the beautiful wide, sandy white beach you can see Scarborough Rendezvous in the distance, and a couple of kms down is Peasholm Dog Beach.

The water is nice here, plenty of waves and nice clean, clear water for a swim. It's a popular beach with dog owners so you are always bound to find other fury friends to play with here, especially if you make the walk down to Peasholm Street Dog Beach there are always lots of dogs here too.

The Floreat Kiosk is just a short drive north from this beach and is dog friendly. You'll need to jump back in the car and drive there as the beach south of the drain up to the Floreat Kiosk does not allow dogs.

There are several small car parks along the stretch of Floreat Beach so you shouldn't find it too difficult to park here. While there aren't any facilities at Floreat Dog Beach, it's a lovely beach for a long walk, swim and a play with other dogs on a warm day. 

Floreat Dog Beach is accessed along the road that runs parallel to West Coast Hwy (I think it's the old West Coast Hwy). If you are coming from the north, you'll need to drive up to the Floreat Beach / Floreat Kiosk turn of and make your way back along this road.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 9th February 2016

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