Dome Deep Water Point Mount Pleasant

Dome Deep Water Point Mount Pleasant Features: Dog Friendly Cafe | Water Bowls | Open Daily | Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner | Note: Dogs Prohibited On the Reserve

Dog friendly dining alongside the Swan River doesn't get much better than Dome Deep Water Point Mount Pleasant. With amazing views of both the river and the city, this is one of Perth's most beautiful dog friendly Swan River dining locations.


Dome Deep Water Point Mount Pleasant is located right on the point and has beautiful 180 degree views of the river and views of Perth city. While dogs are welcome in the outdoor and undercover dining areas, they aren't allowed on the Deep Water Point Reserve at all, not even on shared paths (I know booo!). If you are looking for a dog exercise area nearby see the City of Melville map with dog exercise area and restriction information.

If you have kids with you there is a large rope climbing frame alongside the outside dining area. You can find dog bowls within the cafe area for your dog to drink from..

We enjoyed a late breakfast at Dome Deep Water Point, with the waffles and ice-cream going very down nicely. Dome Deep Water Point is open daily, 6am - 9pm, so is a great go to for dog friendly dining all day long.

If you are looking for go to dog friendly dining anytime of the day or evening to enjoy Swan River views, Dome Deep Water Point Mount Pleasant is just beautiful. It's also a lovely starting and finishing point for a on the lead walk around the Swan River. Read more about the Deep Water Point Mount Pleasant Swan River Walk here.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 5th February 2019

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