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Doggy Dinners Perth is so much more than just a Perth dog food delivery service. These Doggy Dinners are home made by business owner, dog lover and owner of French Bulldog X Archie, who suffered from severe skin irriations as a puppy.


It started when he was 5 months old. He was getting irritated skin on his stomach and ears, but worst of all on his paws. He was licking and scratching until his skin was red raw. After going to the vet several times and putting him on prescribed anti-biotics the skin irritation would continue to return.

Taking matters into her own hands she started Archie on an elimination diet. She tried for months eliminating different foods but finally had success when she removed grains from his diet.  So no rice, pasta or even corn for Archie and within 2 weeks there was a miraculous change. Not only had his skin all but cleared up, his stools had become consistent and his behaviour changed - he was sleeping through the night and was overall a happier puppy. 

Doggy Dinners Abby gave us just over a week of wet chicken meals for our Jack Russell Terrier Arrow to try (there are also kangaroo, fish and beef wet pack varities). She asked what Arrow weighed and about his level of activity and packed portion sized meals accordingly for him.  Each pack is vacuum packed, can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 weeks or can be frozen. 

Arrow is a fairly fussy eater. He likes to hang around to see what he might be able to score from he kids dropping their dinner on the floor at dinner time before he eats his meals - but he tucked straight into his Doggy Dinners chicken wet meal.  He ate most of it first up, then came back about 10 mins later and finished the rest.  He even ate all the vegetables which are mostly kept in their solid form as you can see from the picture above.  Abby had perfectly portioned Arrow's food packs - he finished all of it and had a slightly rounded, content belly after dinner time each night. 

You may also notice chick peas in the chicken wet meal pictured above.  Check out the Doggy Dinners FAQ page (link below) for more information about the health benefits of chick peas in your dogs food.

Arrow consistently ate his Doggy Dinners meals all week and got excited when he saw the pack coming out. They were pretty cold out of the fridge so I warmed them slightly in the microwave before serving. We noticed Arrow's coat become softer within days and the other major improvement was his stools. They were consistent all week. Sometimes they can be a little runny (particularly if he's had some lamb left overs) or a bit hard but while on Doggy Dinners meals his stools were a good consistency and colour (nice and easy to pick up off the lawn!).

Arrow just had the wet meal packs for dinner, however you can also order breakfast & dinner meal plans or the wet & dry meal plan that includes Ivory Coat dry kibble. Ivory Coat uses the highest quality Australian-sourced ingredients, in this high-protein and hypoallergenic grain free dry food. The dinners only packages starts from $5.50 per day. The lovely Abby hand cooks all these meals and delivers them to your door as part of your package. If you order now you get the first week free! Oh and you get a 15% discount for every additional pooch and they have delicious wheat free dog treats too.

While Arrow does not have allergies and is in good general health we still noticed improvements in the softness of Arrow's coat and in his stool consistency. If you are currently enduring vet visits and medication to manage allergies or food intolerances in your dog we highly recommend you give Doggy Dinners a go. Abby makes and delivers every meal with love and her meals are made with the highest quality, nutritionally balanced ingredients.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 18th May 2016

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