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Dog On Fitness is the perfect solution for busy dog owners who want to keep active and exercise - while getting their dog out of the house for some exercise and socialisation at the same time.


We recently enjoyed a Dog On Training sessions with Head of Fitness Chelsea at JA Lee Reserve Lathlain. We arrived a little early and Arrow & Zeus (Chelsea's dog) had a great time having a pre work out romp while Chelsea set up the workout circuit and mats.

Once a few others arrived we started our work out which we would best describe as low to medium impact. If you want to work a little harder you can just let Chelsea know your needs. So whether you are looking for some light activity or something a little harder for both you and your dog, Dog On Fitness is for you.

We started off with a little bit of agility, weaving our dogs through the posts then zig zagging our way around the circuit. As you can see our kids loved taking Arrow for a run around the circuit too. So this is a great session for the whole family to get involved.

Dogs are kept on a lead the whole time through the training session, after their run a few times through the circuit they can relax by your side while you do some resistance training. Above we are doing a holding squat, and the at work out included using resistance bands and exercises using body weight as resistance.

If your dog isn't too big for you to hold you may even like to use them for a bit of extra resistance. The session ran for about an hour. I am a regular exerciser and do a bit of crossfit, and while this wasn't as intense as cross fit I can tell you I was still pretty sore the next day.

And of course there is time afterwards for an off the lead play and for dogs and owners to socialise before heading home for dinner. Just quietly it isn't all running, sweating and doing push ups either. There is plenty of human socialising that goes on too.

Dog On Fitness is a great activity for dogs and owners who want to be active together and it's the perfect way to get in some outdoors time, exercise and socialisation all at once. Dog On Fitness offer outdoor and indoor sessions so you can be active and socialise your dog all year round.

Dog On Fitness Current Locations: JA Lee Reserve Lathlain, Barks in the Park Booragoon and Kalmpets Balcatta.  If you can get a group of friends together Dog On Training can also come to your selected location.

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