Off The Lead Suburban Bush Walks

You don't have to drive for hours out of the city to give your dog an off the lead bush walk.  These suburban bush and nature reserves allow dogs to explore the bushland off the lead. Before your rush ahead to read more about where you can find these bush reserves please read the following important information.

While we were researching off the lead bushland areas it became apparent that there weren't too many that allowed dogs to be off the lead.  There were many bushland areas that used to be off the lead, that are now on the lead areas also. This seemed to be mostly because of quenda (small brown bandicoot) populations. While dog activity is good to keep ferral cats away, they can also impact quenda populations so in some reserves dogs on the lead has been mandated.

High activity and owners not picking up after there dogs is another big reason why off the lead bushland areas become on the lead, or even ban dogs altogether. So we ask that you treat these areas with the up most care, stick to walk tracks, pick up after your dog and ensure your dog does not disturb the local wildlife.

While your dog is off the lead it still needs to be under your control. If we want the remaining bush land areas to remain off the lead for our dogs to explore - respecting and caring for these areas is essential.

Edgar Griffiths Conservation Reserve Wanneroo

Located on the far side of the Edgar Griffiths Park is a lovely nature reserve with a ~1km limestone off the lead walk path around.


Carine Regional Open Space

Whether you are looking for some open space for a run around or a nice walk around the swamp, Carine Open Space is the perfect place for some off the lead activity.

Trigg Bushland Reserve

Trigg Bushland Reserve is a huge reserve located either side of Karrinyup Rd and extends towards the coastline. 

Lake Gwelup

Lake Gwelup features a 2.5km round the lake walk.  Half way round the pathway is bitumised, but then turns into a limestone track and makes it way through some lovely bushland around the lake

Hester Park Langford

Huge bushland reserve confirmed by City of Gosnells website as off the lead. The Canning River runs through the middle and there aresmaller bodies of water around the river.

Christina recommends accessing Hester Park via Spencer Road near the Coles Service Station. There is a path you can follow, or there are bush trails as well that is some what parallel with the path and meet up again further down and there are also 2 oval areas for dogs who just want to chase a ball. MAP

Jorgensen Park Kalamunda

Popular off the lead nature walk with lots of beautiful trails to choose from. MAP

Bells Rapids Brigadoon

Bells Rapids is located very close to the Swan Valley region in Brigadoon. It's best visited during winter and spring when the Avon river is flowing. You can enjoy walk trails (2.5km River Walk + 3km Goat Walk = 5.5km return) with your dog off the lead over gravel, rocky sections and foot bridges that take you around and over the river. 

Dianella Regional Open Space

Enjoy an off the lead walk around the Quenda Habitat Area, bushland and lake. Fenced dog exercise area here also.

If you know of any other off the lead suburban bush walks, please let us know here or message or post on the Dogs Around Perth facebook

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