Dog Adventure Park Aveley

Dog Adventure Park Aveley Features: * Fenced Dog Exercise Area * Water Fountains * Dog Bubbler * Small Dog Section * Large Dog Section * Picnic Tables * Agility Equipmetnt * BBQ (in surrounding on the lead park)

The Dog Adventure Park located in Central Park in Aveley is a fully fenced off the lead exercise area that is fastly becoming a popular meeting place for dogs and their owners to enjoy some exercise or socialisation.


The dog adventure park features two sections, a small dog section and a large dog section.  The small dog section is probably a third the size of the large dog section and features a few agility and play features.

The large dog section is nice and long, so it's perfect for some long ball throws and to get a good run around.

Both the small and large dog sections feature sections of shade, seating and a water fountain with dog bubbler. You just put your foot on the button (or you dog can use his or her paw if they are super clever) and a bubbler at the bottom of the water fountain comes on for a nice fresh drink for your dog.

The large dog area probably has the best shaded seating area of the two sections. We visited during mid morning and while there was still plenty of shade we imagine there would be a lot more shade in the afternoon as there is quite a bit of bushland on the western side.

If you want to enjoy some exercise yourself you could enjoy a walk around the lake. Central Park (which Aveley Dog Adventure Park is located within) is an on the lead park and features a shared walk path that goes right around the lake.

If you want to stay awhile there is a BBQ and shelter outside the dog adventure park in Central Park close to Egerton Drive.

Aveley Dog Adventure Park is a great place to let your dog get some exercise and to socialise with other dogs and their owners. It's best accessed from street parking on Egerton Drive. The park is not far from the Swan Valley so if you are looking for somewhere to exercise your dog before or after a visit to the Swan Valley, Aveley Dog Adventure Park is perfect.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 1st December 2016

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