Deep Water Point Swan River Walk

Deep Water Point Swan River Walk Features: 8km (~1.5hr) Walk | Dogs On The Lead | Dog Friendly Cafe | Food Truck | Off The Lead Dog Exercise Section | Shared Walk / Bike Path | Art Feature | Toilets (Mt Henry Bridge & Deep Water Point)

Starting at the Deep Water Point Dome Cafe, this 8km walk around the Swan River has it all. Views of the Swan River and city, cafe and food truck along the way, elevated bridge views and a small off the lead dog exercise section too.


I start at Deep Water Point for this walk because there is good parking here (although it can be busy and difficult to find a space on weekends and holidays on a warm sunny day) and so we can enjoy a dog friendly coffee and bite to eat at the Dome cafe after our walk.

Starting from the carpark I walk south towards the Mount Henry Bridge. The City of Melville is quite strict about dogs being on a lead in this area and around the river, and as the signage indicates dog must also remain on the pathway. There is one small dog exercise area on this walk on the side of the river opposite Deep Water Point.

As you approach the Mount Henry Bridge there are lots of large houses to admire and of course lovely Swan River views. You'll need to follow the ramp up to access the bridge to continue on this walk and just under the bridge you can usually find the Kerbside Cafe food truck, where you can stop for a dog friendly coffee and bite to eat along the way or take your coffee to enjoy along your walk. There are also toilets here as well as additional free parking, so this can be another good starting point for this walk, particularly if parking is full at Deep Water Point.

Once you walk up the ramp you can follow it up to the Mount Henry Bridge walk over or short cut up the stairs to walkway. The underbridge walkway is well covered from the elements so this section can make a good walk when you want to get outdoors for some exercise but the weather has set in.

It is a little noisy with the cars and trains going across the bridge overhead. This did make Arrow a little anxious as we walked across, so just be wary of this if you have an anxious dog. The Mount Henry Bridge walk over takes you all the way over to the other side of the Swan River and offers stunning elevated views of Mount Pleasant, the Swan River and the city. 

The eastern side of the walk path runs mostly parallel to the Kwinana Freeway. Once again please be aware of this if you have an anxious dog.

There are some unsealed pathways back towards the waters edge and some areas of access to the river, however please note these areas are not designated off the lead dog exercise areas and your dog must stay on a lead.

Further down on the eastern side is a fork in the walk way the leads back towards the waters edge. This pathway leads to the Gentilli Boat Ramp area where your dog can enjoy some exercise off the lead. It's also runs away from the freeway and into bushland and is a little quieter. 

From here the next landmark is the Canning Bridge walk over, but before you head over the bridge, wander under the bridge and check out the Canning Bridge Art Gallery.

This art installation is worth the short detour to see. The artworks are located around the jetty that extends under the bridge and there are lots of pieces to see., that include inspirational words, paintings and creative uses of everyday items. It's also a little noisy under the bridge so keep this mind if your dog is a little anxious.

From here it's over the Canning Bridge on the way back to Deep Water Point. The road it very close to the walkway across the Canning Bridge, which also made Arrow a bit anxious.

If at this point you need a toilet, there are toilets across the road at the end of the bridge at the Shell Service Station on the other side of the road, otherwise it's only a short walk from here back to Deep Water Point. The views along this section of the river are stunning with the trees shading the pathway and views of the big houses and house boats to enjoy.

Once you arrive back at Deep Water Point, you may decide to enjoy a coffee or a meal, with dog friendly dining in the outside dining areas of the Dome Cafe, where there are beautiful views of the city and Swan River. Dome Cafe is open daily from 6am  - 9pm, so whether it's an early morning, day or early evening walk, dining at Dome Cafe is a lovely way to end this beautiful walk. Read more about dog friendly dining at Dome Cafe Deep Water Point here.

This on the lead dog round walk from Deep Water Point is approximately 8km and takes about 1.5 hours to walk around, or longer if you stop to enjoy an off the lead play at Giletti Boat Ramp Dog Exercise Area or wander the artworks under the Canning Bridge. There are also lots of spots to stop and enjoy the view and grab a photo or two.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 30th June 2021

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