Create Your Own Adventurous Life

Are you earning an income from doing what you love in life and sharing it on social media? If you'd like to know how - read on!

Hi! My name is Lauren Angove and I am the owner and founder of Dogs Around Perth (and Kids Around Perth)

People often tell me they would love to do what I do...

Create an income from the time they spend with their dogs, with their family and doing all the things they love to do in their life

They tell me they’d spend less time at work and spend more time with their fur family creating memories

But they don’t have the time, they don’t know how and well it really has already been done

Well here’s the exciting part! You CAN now do this too!

I’m here today to share with you, how you also can create an income from sharing your dog & family adventures (or whatever it is you love doing) with others in your own unique way

Whatever you love doing - whether it's spending time with your kids, fishing, painting, cooking, travelling, singing, walking the dog or perhaps it's a message you want to share about dog adoption, grooming, fitness, nutrition, parenting or self care etc

You can do more of what you love by creating an income from sharing the content created from your life, doing what you love and sharing your message on social media in your own unique way

Anybody and everybody can do this and you don’t need to spend years and countless late nights / early mornings like I did building a following and website traffic or create a product or service to get started

In fact if you are someone who loves to take action you can take the first steps, complete the initial training and get started in just as little as a weekend

(How I wish someone had told me about this 8 years ago, but lucky for you I’m here to save you the time and show you how)

See after 8 years creating and building my business I found myself doing a lot of the day to day business stuff to create the income required to support the time and costs associated with building and running my business.

It was then that realised I was enjoying less and less of the fun and adventure and was spending less time with my kids and my dog which was the whole reason I created this business in the first place. I really had just bought myself a job. 

That's when I decided that I got to find a way to create an income directly from doing what I love in life without so much of the business stuff and in a way that could be duplicated and that allowed me to leverage my time for money.

And that’s when I came across Affiliate Marketing. What I love about this opportunity is not just that I now create an income from the time I spend with my kids and sharing our adventures with others (minus 90% of the business stuff), but that I can now show others how they can do it too, in their own unique way, without the years of content creation and building a following, without needing a website or technical knowledge, without needing to be a sales and marketing expert and without the risks and hassles of having your own product or service, so

If this sounds exciting to you and you –

  • Are willing to learn new skills and grow your mindset
  • Ready to take action and get started in your new business now
  • Want the benefits of business without being “married” to a product or service and without the complications of having employees
  • Want to be able to create an income from wherever you are using just your laptop or phone alongside whatever it is you are doing now
  • Want to be able to use the power of the internet and social media to leverage your time to create an income even when you are not online
  • Are willing to share your life and your message online

Then the next step is to message me and ask me to connect you with the "How To Create a Freedom Lifestyle Through Social Media Training"

I'm so excited to show you how to create an income from doing the things you love in life, and to work together with you to get more and more fun and adventure into your life just as I do, in a way that is simple to learn, quick to set up and easy to get up and running. 

Lauren :)

P.S  This is a real business and requires work and some investment. Some people may earn more, some less and some none at all. Results are based on your willingness to learn, grow and take aligned action, just like I did.