Cliff Sadlier Reserve Daglish

Dog Exercise Area * Agility Equipment * BBQs * Water Fountain / Dog Bowl * Picnic Shelters * Fully Fenced Kids Playground

Cliff Sadlier Reserve Daglish is a huge shady park that is a designated dog exercise area and features dog agility equipment. 


The agility equipment is located in a shady section of the park alongside Woolnough St, away from the fenced playground area.

There is plenty of wide open grassed areas too so this is a great park to walk around and give your dog a good run around.

If you want to stay a while or meet up with friends, there are BBQs, a water fountain and picnic shelters over near the fully fenced kids playground.  This is the perfect park for a BBQ or picnic meet up with friends and is a good one if you are looking for somewhere that is suitable for both your kids and your dog to enjoy. Parking is located on the verge side on Woolnough St and is 3 hour parking during the week. 

How To Get There: 

Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 19th January 2017

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