Butlers Reserve Scarborough

Butlers Reserve Scarborough Features: Off The Lead Park (except during sporting events ) * Water Fountains * Playground * Tennis Wall * Cricket Nets * BBQ * Picnic Shelters 

Butlers Reserve Scarborough is a very popular off the lead dog park, particularly in the evening. The lights are often on later in the week for rugby training, and those coming home from work rush to get in an off the lead play and take advantage of the lights before rugby training commences.


This is a very large park which has two ovals, one upper and one lower which are used by the local rugby club, with their clubrooms located here also. Its pretty good exercise running up and down between the upper and lower oval There are also shady trees most the way around the ovals.

There are three water fountains with dog bowls located around the ovals

If you have kids there is a great little playground here.  Close to the playground is also a BBQ and picnic shelter so it's a great place to have a picnic or BBQ if you want to stay a little longer or meet up with other fur families. The lights are often on towards the end of the week in the evening for rugby training. Many people get there before training to enjoy some off the lead socialisation under the lights, so it's a good park for a winter evening walk. Just remember however that dogs need to be on a lead during sporting events. 

Butlers Reserve Scarborough is a great place to enjoy and off the lead walk and meet other dogs and the owners, particularly in the evening later in the week during winter when the lights are on.  

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 30th June 2016

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