Bennion Dog Beach Trigg

Dog Beach (Steps Access) * Cafe Nearby * Water Fountain & Water Bowl

Bennion Dog Beach Trigg (so named as it's located at the bottom of Bennion St) is a great little dog beach and is located just a short walk over the road from the very popular Yelo cafe.


Bennion Dog Beach Trigg is  not a large beach, it's usually enclosed at both ends by rock cliffs when the tide is up, but there is still plenty of beach for dogs to have a good run around.

The beach is protected somewhat by reef but the waves can get big here and it can be a little rough. There are also some rocks on the beach and in the water, but none of this bothered Arrow he loved it.

The beach is ramp and stairs entry so may not be suitable for some dogs and their owners, and the carpark is located at the top of the stairs and ramp entry, but doesn't have a lot of spaces and it can be difficult to find parking on a warm sunny day.  You can park further up at Trigg Beach and walk down, but parking here can be tricky too. You may find some parking in the streets that run down to West Coast Drive, but please obey parking restriction signs.

There are no showers but there is a nice bowl of water and water fountain awaiting you at the top of the stairs and ramp access.

Just a short walk over the road at the bottom of Bennion St and on the corner of West Coast Drive, is Yelo Cafe & Corner Store and they are open 7 days per week 6.30-5pm. Dogs are welcome do dine outside and they sell little dog treats inside and there is also a dog water bowl here too.

This is a very popular spot, so you may need to grab your coffee and head across the road to the bench seats to enjoy it if you can't find a spot outside to sit - but it's worth it, the views are beautiful from here it's a lovely spot to enjoy a light meal or a coffee

If you are looking for a nice beach to let your dog have a run around with a nice cafe nearby, Bennion Dog Beach and Yelo Cafe are your perfect combo. Just try to avoid the peak times. Yelo is open early so could be a good one for an early morning walk and coffee.

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren 9th September, 2015

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