Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park

Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park Features: Fenced Dog Exercise Park | Water Fountains | Shelter | Seating

Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park is located just off Baldivis Road, not far from the Stockland Baldivis Shopping Centre. It features two enclosed dog exercise areas. A small dog area and an all dogs area.


Both of the areas are very similar in size and features with both featuring double gate entry, shelter, seating, water fountain, a sandpit, logs, rocks and shrub to explore and natural shade.

Alongside the small dog area is a small lake where you may like to enjoy a little on the lead walk around the lake that is outside of the enclosed dog exercise area. There are lots of ducks here so best to keep dogs on the lead outside of the fenced area.

Parking is easy, with a carpark located just off the street in front of the dog exercise area. 

There is no agility equipment within the fenced areas but it's a nice park for your dog to have a run around with other dogs and to meet other dog owners.

How To Get There:

Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 10th April 2019

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