Amberton Dog Park Eglinton

Amberton Dog Park Eglinton Features: Fenced Dog Park | Water Fountain and Bowls | Shelter | Sand Pit | Skate Park Alongside

Amberton Dog Park is a fenced dog exercise park found in the far northern suburb of Eglinton in the Amberton Estate, alongside the Amberton Pirate Playground and Scooter Park and Skate Park at Heath Park.


The park features one large grassed enclosed area. A few areas are a bit sandy, the park obviously gets good use and trees have been planted throughout the park so it will have beautiful natural shade in the future.

There is a big sand pit for those dogs who love to roll and dig.

The Amberton Dog Park doesn't have a fixed shelter like most other dog parks but it does have two large shade sales with a limetsone block wall that can be used for seating.  A couple of bench seats are also located within the park.

A water fountain with doggy bubbler is found at the main entrance.

Right next to the dog park is a skate park, so if you are looking to take both the dog and your big kids out for some activity, this could be the place to go.

If a far northern suburbs of the lead play in a fenced park is what you are after you will love the Amberton Dog Park Eglinton. There is plenty of parking and if you have younger ones in tow they will love the nearby Amberton Pirate Playground and Scooter Park (just make sure your dog doesn't go in the playground, skate or scooter park areas).

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 2nd March 2019

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