Abbett Park Scarborough

Abbett Park Scarborough Features: Off The Lead Park (Except During Sporting Events * Water Fountains & Bowls * Exercise Equipment * Popular Park for Dogs * Large Grassed Area * Shaded Area Around Edges * Picnic Shelter * Seating * Fenced Playground * No Toilets (Unless Sports Club Open)* Fully Fenced Playground

Abbett Park Scarborough is our go to dog park.  Rain, hail or shine (ok well probably not during hail) you are guaranteed to find a furry friend to play with - it's a very popular park for dogs and their owners to socialise.


Abbett Park features a big, well kept sports oval which is designated as off the lead unless a sports event is on.  It is a well used sports oval with cricket matches here on the weekends during summer, and the oval widely used late in the day and on the weekends for football training and matches. 

Even when sporting events and matches are on, this park is large enough and usually people gather in a corner away from the sports to let their dogs socialise.

There are several exercise stations and it's not unusual to see lots of families exercising, kicking a ball, flying a kite together with their four legged family member. You can find a water fountain near the exercise stations on the north side of the park, and another on the south side of the park near the cricket club rooms.

It's not unusual on a Friday evening to see groups of strangers gathering together to chat about their beloved furbaby. In winter you can often find the lights on during the week when sports training is on (Thursday is a good night for this) and other nights you can get a bit of light from the tennis club til about 7.30pm.

There is also a great fully fenced playground here, if you have kids. Dogs are strictly not permitted within the fenced area as signposted. Rangers do freequent this area and do hand out on the spot fines for those with dogs within the fenced area.

If you are looking for somewhere in the north western suburbs to socialise your dog, enjoy some exercise together and to have some good quality of the lead time, you can't go past Abbottt Park Scarborough. 

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Review by Dogs Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 25th May 2016

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